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Trafo Distribusi Sintra 400 KVA

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Trafo Distribusi Sintra 400 KVA

Trafo / Tranformers Distribusi Sintra 400 KVA core is composed of high quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheets. Sintra’s cores boast exceptional properties like low iron loss, low noise, compact size, high mechanical strength, and excellent magnetic characteristics.

Fitur :

  • For application of 1-phase or 3-phase compact size transformers with low noise and excellent magnetic circuit characteristics.
  • A mitered core, joined by 45-degree cut silicon steel sheets, with excellent mechanical strength and low iron loss. For the application of high capacity transformers
  • For applications of 1-phase or 3-phase core-type or shell-type transformers of high capacity and voltage. This type of core has high mechanical strength and allows for a smooth magnetic flux path to considerably minimize iron loss

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