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Trafo Auto Step Up Down Hexta 40 KVA

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Trafo Auto Step Up Down Hexta 40 KVA

Trafo Auto Step Up Down Hexta 40 KVA An auto transformer is an electrical transformer with one winding that acts as part of both the primary and secondary winding. The winding can have multiple taps where each tap along the winding corresponds to a different load voltage. However, for best performance, a single tap is highly recommended. The voltage source and the electrical load are connected to two taps, in which one of the taps at the end of the winding is a common connection to both circuits.

An auto transformer is an economical and compact means of connecting electrical equipment to a power supply or a different voltage. Typical applications of auto transformers are motor loads of industrial machinery, electric heating and air conditioners. Features

  • Primary & Secondary Voltage options available
  • Low Iron Losses
  • Low Copper Losses
  • Low Noise
  • Display Output : Voltmeter Analogue & Pilot Lamp RST
  • No Fan required, Convention Cooled
  • Insulation class E
  • Protection class IP00 & IP11
  • Easy & fast installation
  • Small footprint
  • ISO9001 Quality Certification

trafo step up dan step down trafo step up adalah trafo step up 220 ke 380 trafo step up memiliki jumlah lilitan primer yang trafo step up 5000 watt trafo step up dc trafo step up 10000 watt

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