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Panel Cubicle Schneider DM1‐A

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Panel Cubicle Schneider DM1‐A

Panel Cubicle Schneider DM1‐A

DM1-A & DM1W are part of SM6 product range and called as single section isolation circuit breaker.

This modulator unit is used for MV section of MV/LV substation in secondary distribution system up to 24 kV

DM1-A is single isolation circuit breaker unit with fixed breaker, normally used as incoming or outgoing cubicle.

DM1-W is withdrawable single isolation circuit breaker Unit and it is also used for incoming or outgoing feeder. This DM1-A or DM1-W is normally installed together in system with other parts of SM6 product reange such as IM, IMC, QM, QMC, CM, etc, in accordance with the design of a distribution system.

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