Onka MPK 2.5mm² Push-In Covered Type Mini Terminal Block

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Onka MPK 2.5mm² Push-In Covered Type Mini Terminal Block

Bahan baku plastik poliamida 6.6 digunakan dengan semua konektor ONKA Rail. Bahan tidak mudah terbakar V2.
Konektor push-in 16 mm2 dan 35 mm2 yang meningkatkan keandalan. Jadi, jika Anda ingin menarik rakitan
kabel kembali, Anda akan menemukan daya tahan dua kali lebih banyak. Sistem ini meningkatkan keandalan pada pegas tertimbang konektor untuk bagian tinggi.


• Push-in System.
• Does not require final plate (Both sides are closed), provides cost saving and better isolation.
• Symmetrical (Mountable to rail on both directions)
• Lower cable thrust.
• Time and cost saving.
• Reducing transmission, zero contact by means of orange buttons.
• Springs are stainless steel.
• Opportunity to assemble cables with ferrule of 0,34 mm2 to 35 mm2 without any hand tool requirement.
• In marking tab structure, tab structure is suitable with Grafoplast and other brands.
• Labelling system appropriate for strap marking.
• Double sided bridging opportunity.
• Isolated comb bridge
• Punctual delivery of colour alternatives.
• Double colour execution feature.

Body PA6.6
Bridge Copper
Spring Stainless Steel
Temperature -40°C,+140°C
Cable Strip L. 8mm
Voltage 750V
Current 24A
Section 2,5mm²
Norm EN-60947-7-1

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