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Kabel Delta HSLHCH 1000

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Kabel Delta HSLHCH 1000

Kabel Delta HSLHCH 1000 Control Cable (kabel kontrol)


For power and control cable use in machineries, tools, production lines, conveyor belts and other electrical installations. Where human lives or valuable properties need to be protected against damage cause by fire. Suitable for installation on fixed and flexible application with medium mechanical stress without tensile stress or forced movements.


Stranded copper conductor according to IEC60228, class 5
Low Smoke Halogen Free core insulation
Core identification : black with consecutive numbering with or without yellow-green protective conductor
Cores are twisted in layers
Low Smoke Halogen Free inner sheath
Tinned Copper Wire braided screening, coverage approx. 85%
Low Smoke Halogen Free outer sheath, black colour

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