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Capacitor Bank ICAR 10 Kvar @415VAC

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Capacitor Bank ICAR 10 Kvar @415VAC

Three Phase Power Capacitor Bank ICAR 10 Kvar @415VAC

Self-healing metallized polypropylene
This metallized polypropylene feature is widely used in Power Capacitors as a mean to keep capacitors working even when voltage breakdown between the metal layers occurs. In case of arc, the metallized surface around is evaporated but the breakdown is kept in limited area and it does not enlarge its effects.

Over Pressure Safety Device
In the case or fault, due to over voltage, overload or normal ageing, the self-healing process may accelerate and so tocreate a increasing pressure within the case. In order to prevent the case from bursting, capacitor is fitted with an over pressure device that set out of service the capacitor from the supply two of the supply leads have reduced section, and while the pressure increases leads are strained by the top lid till breaking of cables.

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