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Amphenol ACS/ACC Series Connectors

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Amphenol ACS/ACC Series Connectors

Amphenol ACS/ACC Series Connectors Industrial Application Threaded Style Connector

The Amphenol ACS/ACC series connector is a cost-effective, threaded, circular SAE-AS50151 connector for use in harsh environments. Designed with the industrial user in mind, these Amphenol connectors are sealed to withstand moisture, condensation, vibration and flash-over. Perfect for widely diverse applications such as mass transportation, automotive, heavy equipment and geophysical industries, and entertainment/lighting industries. Over 286 contact layouts are available, in variations that allow for just power, just signal, or a mix of both contact types. The Amphenol ACS/ACC series is available in five mounting styles, nineteen shell sizes, and solder or crimp termination. For full product details on the ACS/ACC series, see the specifications below.

Adapted from Approval
SAE-AS50151 (MIL-DTL-5015) (Formerly MIL-C-5015)

Broad Temperature Range
These connectors will operate in temperatures ranging from -67°F to +257°F (-55°C to +125°C).

These connectors will perform in the full range of operating conditions as defined in SAE-AS50151 (MIL-DTL-5015) and are recommended for conditions where vibration, moisture, pressure and/or temperature are extreme.

Resilient Insulator and Grommet
A resilient neoprene insulator and rear-seal grommet provide a liquid-tight assembly.

Rugged Shell
The rugged aluminum alloy shell and hardware are light in weight yet highly resistant to damage and corrosion. Shells are available in five different styles and in 19 sizes.

Wide Range of Wire Gauges and Current Carrying Capacity
Up to 150 amps for standard military contacts and up to 255 amps using Radsok® contacts. Wire gauges from 24 to size 0 AWG.

Wide Variety of Contacts
Machined contacts with silver or gold plating are available in sizes from 16 through 0. Solder, Crimp, PC, and thermocouple contacts are available.

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